Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Devil Is In The Details

   So as a barber our job is to work to provide a great service to the guy sitting  in our chair. The time in that chair should be more then the haircut but everything that goes with it. The conversation, the cut, the straight razor, the bay rum...everything.

   The truth is it is easy to  blow through a haircut and get them out of your chair and take there money and get the next person in your chair. Pushing people through the shop like this does not mean you are going to make more money. When this is how you work it makes it difficult to build those good barber/client relationships that you want to build. I beleive there is nothing wrong with not only giving a good haircut but a good experience in the shop

   Just for the record I am not talking about taking almost 2 hours on a haircut but taking the time to give them a great cut and experience!

   As a barber I do my best to hit all the small things....eyebrows, ears, razor to the neck, bay rum and the massage. These little details make a difference with most guys and even if the gentleman in your chair may not notice the little details you as the barber should still go out of your way for those little things.

   In the end I think the small details are just as important as the haircut itself because we want them to be happy as they leave your shop and look forward to sitting in your chair again in a few weeks.

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