Friday, October 14, 2011

Need a new set of Andis Master....Think Joes Barbershop!!


    So check this out....If you are in the need of a new pair of Andis Master's instead of going over to Sally's or some other supply house get a hold of Joe's Barbershop in Chicago.

    These custom clipper's are brand new, out of the box. These are not 2nd hand clippers!! All internals are carefully removed from the case, then the empty clipper housing gets sandblasted, coated with the desired color, and cured at 500 degrees. After the case is cooled and inspected for flaws it gets a full coat of super durable clear Powder and visits the oven for a 2nd time for a slow cure process to insure a rock solid coating that will last for years. Then all internals are re-installed back into the freshly coated case, all wires are soldered and Heat shrinked (Andis® uses electrical tape), and everything is re-calibrated back to factory specs. The fresh/custom clipper gets put back into its original box, with all factory packaging, and is sent off to its new owner.

    Listen, I will be honest they are a little more expensive then buying a regular set of clippers, bot come on man theses look freaking awesome!!!  If you are looking for something cool to set you apart from the dude behind the chair next to you get a set of these!!

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