Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not about being lazy...I love to get a good shave!!

    So I am really excited about my plans for the month of November. I am going to be visiting 3 barbershop in the central valley that still do a good ole fashioned straight razor shave. Two in Fresno and one out in Visalia (since I live smack in the middle of both towns).
   I was introduced to the straight razor shave shortly before we moved to Spokane on a visit the wife and I had taken up there to check out the job scene. While we were up there had a job interview and to get ready for my interview my buddy Johnny took my a  place called Dan's Barbershop (est.1961). It is still a family owned shop and is in the exact same location as the day they opened.

   So on this visit I went in for a haircut and a shave. Haircut of choice was a high and tight flat top (which upset the wife...not a fan of the flat top)The shave was awesome hands down the closest thing on the planet. Did the whole thing with only three towels. No fancy towel warmer just a sink that ran the hottest water ever. I know this for a fact since I spent a little bit of time there after I got my barber license.

   The shave is a classic part of getting a haircut and even though we are seeing a return to the barbershop not all shops are doing shaves and not all "barbers" even do shaves. The truth is the shave goes back to 1850. Some people believe it started to disappear in the 1950's

   So here is an idea...Next time you wife is going into to the salon to get her hair colored and cut you go find a shop get a good haircut and a shave then have a nice lunch with you wife and trust me she will appreciate it!!

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