Sunday, October 30, 2011

Who is running the business?

    So tonight I was sitting around checking my e-mail waiting to hear from a shop I am trying to get into. Gold Star Barbershop is opening in Visalia, CA. in November. So the shop is owned by a local police officer and his wife. In getting opportunity to meet the owner and his wife and see the passion he has for the future of his shop and his business development.
    So knowing that I am trying to go work for a shop that is owned by folks that are not professionals in the hair industry has got me thinking about what is better working for people who are in the game or people who come from outside the barbering industry but have a love for the business, the community that their shop is in and support there employees. There was a time where I thought that it is better to work for a shop owned by a barber but the older I get and see how some barbers out there run business this is not always true.

    I have learned that I would rather work for someone that has the same vision I have and wants invest in me as an employee then just someone filling a chair giving them their commission or rent (whichever you may be doing).

    I have worked for shops owned by barbers and they have been both good and bad experiences but there has always been one common thread and that is they were not looking out for there staff. It was your responsibility to grow even though it would be beneficial for not just you as a barber but the shop as an employer to watch you grow in your trade.

    Ok here is really what I am trying to say (I think)....Barbers should strive to own your own shop and if you do look out for your staff and your business. Raise up the next generation of barbers. If you are looking for a shop to work at do not over look the shop owned by people in the community. What that barbershop owner may lack in understanding of the industry he may make up for in better business smarts and sometimes business smarts are just as important as professional knowledge.

    Hope this makes sense. it did in my head!!!

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