Monday, October 31, 2011

So I got to thinking a little more...

    So after I finished the last post I knew I better put this down or I would forget it. This is targeted at an barber who owns there own shop....INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE!!!

    1)Your Business: The truth is if you play your cards right the cost to open a barbershop is not very high. It probably may be one of the lowest costing businesses to open up. If you are a barber wanting to open a shop and you have to  start pretty stripped down you have to take the time and invest back into your shop. You know  you need a towel warmer-save your tips till you have enough to get a one. It is not as hard as you think it may be. To have a successful shop you have to put money back into it and not just barely survive!
    2)Invest In Yourself: Awesome! Everyone knows you can do a fade and don't get me wrong that is a good reputation to have, but do you know how to handle your shears. There is a lot more to doing men's haircuts in 2011. Do you know the trends, do you know how all the cool kids want to get there haircut like, do yo know the kind of products people are willing to spend money on. Get a hold of your local supply house and try to get into some education. It is cheap and a good think to do. Go to the convention and hair shows because they offer tons of classes, even for barbers.
     3)Invest in your staff:  If you have barbers working for you no matter whether you are a rent, commission or even an hourly shop: INVEST IN YOUR STAFF!! Encourage them to get out there and learn as much as they can. I believe in the end this benefits you, them and oh yeah....the customer!! Oh yeah do not be afraid to take a young barber under your barbers need mentors!
    4)Invest In Your Future: Last point of the night-When you are self employed more often then not we do not think about retirement until it is to late. I am not talking about investing in stocks but find a way to develop a retirement plan and do it early. I will be honest this is the toughest thing to do but you have to do it. If you go to your band an meet with a financial officer they can help you out and give you advice. Find an investment like gold or silver something that holds it's value well. Look out for you and your family!!

Ok, I think I am done for the night. Please give me any feedback or ideas.

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