Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some thoughts for the night

First things first....The holidays will be coming really soon and I am one of those guys who believes in sending a greeting card to my clients or any kind of rep I may deal with in the business. The problem is I am not going to send out some cheesy cliche Christmas card so last year I contacted an artist in Spokane,Washington who was actually doing design custom cards for the holiday season.

Jeff Allison is an artist and illustrator who has done design work for companies and events all across the country. If you are looking for a great and cool looking card for your cutomers you really need to get a hold of him and get your card designed before it is to late. you can e-mail him
2010 X-mas Card by Jell Allison

Listen I know you are thinking "Frankie why are you talking about the holidays already?". The truth is Christmas is right around the corner!! So it is time to start trying to make things easer for your customers. Everything from getting them into the chair before those big holiday events to helping them come up with cool gift ideas for certain family members.

Listen I get it some barber shops do not do appoinments for whatever reason but for the holidays it is a very good idea....encourage your customers to book there appointment early so not only will they be able to get in but just as importantly you are not stuck in the shop when you want to be spending time with your family.

Now to the gift issue....If you do not normally offer gift certificates think about doing so for the holiday because not only could it bring it extra money (listen I would buy my dad a gift certificate to a good barber as a stocking stuffer) and if you play your cards right it could bring you a few new customers and we all know that during the holiday season it can be tough to get new business into the shop.

Lucky Tiger  has cool packages!
Cheap gift ideas for your clients: develop gift packs or even buy them pre-packaged. I know that during the holidays American Crew sells gifts packs (my brother will usually get one). Spend the extra cash to have things around to give your customers gift ideas for their dads, sons and brothers. Below I have posted a couple of sites that have some cool gift ideas:

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