Thursday, September 20, 2012

5 Days of Pomade-Day 3: Fabian Ponyboy Rodriguez

(Fabian is involved in the SoCal chapter of Greaser Social Club and since I am also apart of GSC I thought I would get someone involved from the GSC. So when I asked Ponyboy his top 5 this was what he had to say.-Frankie The Barber)

Black Jack Pomade
   I have lame answers tho....sorry. Eloy at OLD FASHIONED BARBERSHOP in Vegas carries LAYRITE. The boys over at STAY GOLD in Fontana carry SUAVESITO. I use MURRAYS or DAX (sold pretty much anywhere) with a tad of either ROYAL CROWN or Mike Moose' BLACK JACK. Other than that Im a hit n a miss (told u my answers would suck). I pretty much stick with what works. They've been working for bout 20 years now. BUT BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR GREASERS SOCIAL Clubs very own pomade. GOD willing, it should be coming out early next year....thanks.
Royal Crown Hair Dressing

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