Tuesday, September 18, 2012

5 Days of Pomade- Day One: Frankie The Barber

    Io as you have guessed it for the next 5 days I am trying to get some regulars in the hair and pomade game to give us there top 5. You know, those cans of pomade that go everywhere with them. That go to for those special occasions. I figured I would start the week off with my top 5!! For me my top 5 is in no particular order.

1) Suavecito Pomade - Ok let the death threats begin. I understand that alot of people hate calling this a pomade but the truth is the hold is good and when you have a wife she sometimes appreciates the fact that there are no grease stains on the pillow cases!

2) Murray's Super Light - I stumbled across  Murray's Super Light on accident and evern since I will order a couple cans every few month. Shine and easy to comb through.

3) AGS 40 WT - AGS holds a soft spot in my heart. I used to drive down to Fullerton just so I could get a couple of cans. Grease and a toy....like Crackerjacks for greasers!!

4) Dr.Rubin's - The Dr.Rubin's is quickly becoming a favorite of mine....Easy to use and a smells good. Even the wife likes it!

5)Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold - This is my heavy hold pick. A heavy wax that does the job!

So there it is my top 5. Tomorrow I got Chops Barbershop chiming.

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