Thursday, September 6, 2012

Change is Coming

   So sitting around the house getting ready to head to the shop for another day. I will be honest my work weeks become hit and miss. Some days I will be busy more often then not I am slower then I would like. I have been grateful that I have been working an hourly wage but I see that coming to an end soon.

   If you are a barber (or even a hairstylist) you know that an hourly wage shop is very, very rare. You either are paying rent or commission. Hourly is great if you find it and as a your barber/stylist you are making a paycheck while developing you chops. But here is my question: Does working on a commission statues open more opportunity for you as a barber/stylist to be more successful not only financially but professionally?

   The truth is I do not think there is an easy answer to this question. I think the key to being successful as a barber working on a comission is 1) Is you shop owner keeping your hands tied when it comes to trying to build business and make money and 2) What are you doing  to get yourself out there to the public? and  3) Are you willing to work....I mean seriously start putting the time in your shop like you need to?

   Let's talk about the guy who owns the shop...If you are working as an hourly wage your hands are tied. You have to ask permeission for every thing you do (promos, prices, hours you work...etc) but as a comission barber your hands should not be tied and you should be in control of what you do but is your shop owner in charge of what you do. Do you still have to ask permission for every move you make with your own clients.  You need to take control of your business!!

   Questions 2 and 3 have the same answer...Your success is all up to you!! From your skills to getting people in the shop. If you are not willing to out the time and work in your business is not going to grow and you will never make the money you know you can make. It is your responsibility to take pride in what you do because it will show in not only your work but your business!!

   So as my shop gets ready to make changes in the next few weeks it will be my time to really strp up and take control of my future, my business and my craft!!

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