Thursday, September 27, 2012

Speed v. Efficiancy: It All Come In Time

Filling a chair at Covenant Barbershop
    So today I want to talk about an issue that affects everyone in the hair industry (barbers and cosmos) and that is finding the fine line between speed and efficiency. 

    When I got out of barber school I knew one thing and that was to become the barber I wanted to become was going to take time and experience. Unfortunately right out of school it seemed like everywhere I was working was expecting me to be 100% on point but I was either to slow or just not very good yet.

    When I moved back to California the first shop I worked at (I have only worked in a couple of shops since coming back to CA) was a chop shop. The shop only charged $4.50 so to make any money you had to work your ass off!! The guy who was cutting hair next to me would crank out 30+ haircuts in a day. Just because this guy was fast did not mean he was very good.

    I have now been at my current shop almost a year and in the time I have found my speed get better in my haircuts but more importantly the quality of my haircuts have gotten better. Am I as good I would like to be...No. Will the time come where I want to be....Yes.

    When you get out of school and get behind the chair realize that in time the speed will come but it is more important to work on efficiency because being able to do good haircuts or color is what is going to keep customers in your chair. The speed will come in time and you will begin to notice it.

    On a final note....To the bosses, owners, master barbers, be patient with the  new guy behind the chair because you used to be that kid. You never know you may have the next Ivan Zoot behind that chair!!


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