Saturday, November 17, 2012

All The Cool Kids Use Instagram...Part 1

   Ok so I was going through my Instagram like I always do and realized I follow some cool people and some really good barber and tattoo artist so I got to thinking why not share a few of my favorite people, shops and tattoo artist that I follow on Instagram with all you guys. So I am going to post my top 10...The first 5 today and part 2 next week....Enjoy and feel free to share your favorites as well. Also note the kids in a few of these pictures....We love our kids!!

10) Omar Rubio (JEDIXLESS): Omar is a young tattoo artist living up in San Jose, California. He is a young dad husband. He is one of those artist that you know is going to be successful because he is going to learn everything about what he does from making machines, ink and everything that goes along with being a great tattoo artist.

9) Luis Orosco (Master_Barber): Good friend, talented barber and owner of Fresno,Ca's COVENANT BARBERSHOP. Been in business for a few years now and works hard, loves his family and his job.

8) Franks Chop Shop (FranksChopShop): One of my regulars got to visit FCS during the summer and told me it was dope. I have been a fan of FCS and there caps for a while. I finally got my own FCS cap last time I visited the New Era store in LA. Check out there NYHC snapback collection now available

7) Jan Hella (therebelrouser): Jan Hella is barber student extraordinaire. He runs The Rebel Rouser blog and I think he is going to be a successful barber when he is done and in the shop. he is developing a niche of his own...So look for him!

6) Dylan Johnson (Kid_Ridiculous): Dylan Johnson is a barber at Long Beach, California's SYNDICATE BARBERSHOP and also a member of the band Sidepipe Motorbike. he is a dad and a hell of a barber. Make an appointment next time you are in LB!!

Final 5 next week!!!

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