Sunday, November 4, 2012


   So Thursday was one of my longest days ever. Started with having to be at the barbershop at 4 am to get ready for the local news channel who came by for the morning to cover the MOVEMBER.

   We worked until around 5 pm and then closed up the shop to get ready for the MOVEMBER Kick-Off party and then opened the doors around 7:30. I did 5 shaves straight, Evan from Bolings Barbershop (Visalia,Ca.)  also joined us for the festivities. He did 6 maybe 7 shaves. The owner did two haircut (for some reason) and shop apprentice did three shaves and three haircuts (again, for some reason). My buddy LJ Lara from Pizanos help me get a keg of New Belgium for the event and we had a ton of dope give-a-ways from Soapbox Gypsy and Pin-Ups Against Cancer and a few goodies from our own shop.
Movember & Sons-Frankie The barber with the Mclaughlin's

   So in the end apart from a few small issues the whole night went well. People seemed to enjoy themselves and the fact that so many people came together in support of a good cause, listened to some great music and had a good time.

   Someone asked me why I chose to do an event for MOVEMBER and the reason is that when there is a charity that not only effects so many men but that can be so closely tied to what we do as barbers you get involved. If you are interested in donating you still can by going to Team Barber Collective.

   Thank you everyone who came and thank you for your support. Until next year!!

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