Friday, November 23, 2012

All The Cool Kids Use Instagram...The Final 5!

    Ok so I was going through my Instagram like I always do and realized I follow some cool people and some really good barber and tattoo artist so I got to thinking why not share a few of my favorite people, shops and tattoo artist that I follow on Instagram with all you guys. So I am going to post my top 10...

5) Mikey Hood (mikeyhood1): Cat person, owner of True Blue Barber and Shave Parlor and cornerstone of the Sacramento hardcore scene. His shopped opened earlier this year and seems he is able to balance barber, shop owner and member of the HOODS.

4)Matt "Hambone"Hamblin (Hambone509): Owner of Boar's Head Tattoo in Spokane, Washington. He is not just a tattoo artist and shop owner but a very good friend of mine. Kiss you bro!

3)Justin Singh (justincommish): Justin is the lead singer of The Great Comission and just an all around nice guy! Daisy thinks he is the coolest dude in the world because he likes comic books!

2)Joe's Barbershop (joesbarbershopchicago1): Joe Caccavella Jr. is a third generation barber and works right along side his dad. So if you are in Chicago area get in and get a cut and shave at Joe's Barbershop.

1)Sailor Jerry (SailorJerry): It's Sailor Jerry...Nothing else to say!!! I love there rum and Sailor Jerry Tattoos!!

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