Monday, November 12, 2012

Ho, Ho, Holy Crap....The Holidays are on us!!

    So my annoyance started last week when I went to the market to get some stuff for the wife to bake cupcakes and noticed that the aisle that holds all the holiday was already putting Christmas candy and they had not removed all the Halloween candy. At this moment I knew I was in trouble...I am never ready for the holidays, let alone Christmas!

   This weekend I will be getting the shop hours for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all figured out. Then I need to find some ways to get the regulars in but plus try to get some new heads in the door....Do not forget the gift cards, gotta hustle those gift cards!!!

   It is Christmas time so that means get those Christmas cards together for your clients. Seriously, customers love Christmas cards especially if you are sending them something that no one else is. They appreciate those things. If you need a dope Christmas card to send to your clients contact my good friend Jeff Allison Trust me he does great work.

   Does your shop offer gift cards/certificates if not you probably should  because as I saw last holiday season they do sell well if you hustle them enough. They are easy to buy for dads and sons for stockings. Also try to put together some gift packs that you can sell as well (shave kits, pomade stets...etc.).

    The truth is I hope everyone has a great and successful holiday season. Keep working hard, continue to give your customers your best.

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