Thursday, November 22, 2012

Reality Tv has Invaded The Barbershop!!

    What does Tommy Guns NY and Levels Barbershop have in common (and it is not that they are both from NY? Is it because they are both barbershop? Nope!

    The one thing that these two barbershops that are so different from each othe have in common is that they have both been featured on reality television in the last few weeks.

    If you watch Ink Masters on Spike then you will have seen Tommy Gun NY as they played host to the "Flash Challenge" a few weeks ago. The flash challenge was all about straigth lines. This week the tattoo artist had to put down the machines and pick up a different kind of machine....clippers. The tattoo artist had to do a design in the hair of their "human canvas"

   I will be honest, this was kind of painful to watch because you can tell that some of these people do not know there wat around a set of clippers. At least it was an entertaining episode. To watch the full episode go to Spike TV.
    Now on to Harlem which is home to Levels barbershop. Levels has made a name for itself as a top notch shop and a major player in the barber battle scene. Now enters Richard Hammond.

    Most people will know Richard Hammon from the hugely successful BBC show Top Gear. He now has his own show called "Crash Course" where he steps into a job and tries to learn as much as he can in one day. Richard gets to spend a day at Levels.

    He got to do a couple of haircuts starting with a "ceaser". he learned the differnce between a "light ceaser" and a "dark ceaser". The owner of Levels to him to a barber supply shop to get his own tools as well. When coming back to the shop they had him actually do a couple of Level regulars.

    Kamal Nuru and the staff at Levels were definitely good sports and so was Richard because boy was he awkward!!

    I get excited to see real barbershops on tv. Maybe time for me to pitch my barbershop idea to the Travel Channel. We will see!

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